1. Two White Horses

    Polaroid 340

  2. This lady fell asleep reading the bible on the top of the Malvern Hills


  4. "I am not especially interested in anonymous photography, or pictorialist photography, or avant-garde photography, or in straight, crooked or any other subspecific category of photography; I am interested in the entire, indivisible, hairy beast—because in the real world, where photographs are made, these subspecies, or races, interbreed shamelessly and continually."
    — John Szarkowski
  5. Moroccan Street Food

    Richard PJ Lambert

  6. 40 Foot Hare

    At the Sin Eater Festival, ready to be burned.

  7. Rach & Rich

    Polaroid 340, Fuji FP-100c Negative scan.

  8. Oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day.

    At Field Day, London 2014

  9. Foxgloves at Sin Eater Festival

  10. I want to ride my bicycle. Amsterdam 2014

    Lomography Purple 35mm

  11. This guy had a dragonfly on his back the entire day at SIn Eater.

  12. Morocco. Cross processed slide film on a Yashica T5.

    Richard P J Lambert

  13. Drinking Horse, Hyde Park, London

  14. Cool post today

    - Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley (who I only just realised had a tumblr)

    & Cadilac Ranch Dressing - a film photography magazine based out of Maryland. It features the first street portrait I ever took. He is Jon, the snappiest dressed man in Birmingham. You can buy a copy here.