1. Reykjavik, Iceland

  2. Reykjavik 2014

  3. Last minute printing and framing session for my first solo exhibit at the Ort cafe in Birmingham.

  4. Reykjavik Street Art

  5. A huge day for Scotland deciding whether to become independent from the UK. Both campaigns have been weird and incredibly biased so I’m not sure either way, but to quote Caitlin Moran… “If I had a chance to vote and get shot of the egregious venal horseshit of London and Westminster, I would.”

    Check out John Oliver’s spectacular summing up of the #indyref here.

    Regardless of the decision, you are amazing Scotland. Know the facts, choose well and see you soon.

  6. Reykjavik double exposure

  7. Enjoy the view, 

    The Skógar–Þórsmörk trail, Iceland.

  8. Harpa, Reykjavik

  9. Amy & Adam

  10. Reykjavik

  11. Reykjavik.

  12. Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik

    Double Exposure on Lomo LC-A+

  13. Reykjavik Colour.

    Lomo LC-A+

  14. Morocco, 2014

    Richard PJ Lambert

  15. Reykjavik, Iceland

    Double Exposure, Lomo LC-+