1. I just found my new year’s eve photos

  2. Red Roof, Iceland

    Hasselblad 500 c/m

  3. Road Trip, Iceland

  4. I’m in the latest edition of Find Rangers! It features my picture of Field Day alongside 62 pages of awesome double exposures made on film cameras.

    You can buy it here.

    I also got Carson Lancaster’s ‘Japan’ and he threw in some neat prints too so excellent post all round.

    Find Rangers is a submission based analogue photography project - definitely give them a follow on Instagram and send them some pictures for their new theme ‘Far From Home’

  5. The Skógar–Þórsmörk trail, Iceland

  6. Iceland

  7. Crow, Iceland 2014

  8. 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham

    One of the pictures in my first exhibition which ends Tuesday next week.

  9. Amy’s wedding

  10. Hallgrímskirkja, double exposure.

  11. Iceland double exposure.

  12. Reykjavik.

  14. Þórsmörk, Iceland

    Richard PJ Lambert

  15. Lunch time with Stef and her boys.