1. Neist Point Lighthouse, The Isle of Skye

    Richard PJ Lambert

    Hasselblad 500 c/m, Kodak Portra 400

  2. explosions in the sky

    Richard P J Lambert

    hasselblad 500 c/m, kodak portra 400

  3. Geneva, Switzerland 2014

    Richard PJ Lambert

    Pentax ME Super, T-Max @1600

  5. Kelvingrove, Glasgow

  6. Selfridges, Birmingham UK, 2014

    Richard PJ Lambert

    Pentax ME Super, T-Max @1600 

  8. Brighton.

    Hasselblad 500 c/m, Portra 400

  9. The Drowned Tree

  10. Outside In by Stephen Gill

    "The photographs in this series were made in Brighton and Hove during 2010. They feature objects and creatures that I scooped up from the local surroundings and introduced into the body of my camera.

    I hoped through this approach to encourage the spirit of the place to clamber aboard the images and be encapsulated in the film emulsion, like objects embedded in amber. My aim was to evoke the feeling of the area at the same time as describing its appearance.

    This technique meant I was grappling at the point where intention collided with chance. It gave me less control, and there was a considerable element of surprise, but working with photography’s weaknesses alongside its subjective descriptive strengths is a challenge I enjoy.

    The results included some highly detailed macro recordings amongst and within the landscapes and portraits. I like to think of these photographs as in-camera photograms in which conflict or harmony has been randomly formed in the final image depending on where the objects landed.”

    - Lensculture

  11. Brighton

    Hasselblad 500 c/m. Portra 400

  12. First roll on the Bessa around Birmingham

  13. It is both sad and shameful that when night falls and the setts of southern England stir their gentle folk will be needlessly slaughtered.

    That in spite of science and public will the wrath of ignorance will further bloody and bleed our countryside of its riches of life. That brutalist thugs, liars and frauds will destroy our wildlife and dishonour our nations reputation as conservationists and animal lovers.

    Tonight is the darkest for British wildlife that we have witnessed in our lives. I feel sick, sad, disempowered, betrayed, angry and crushed by the corruption of all that I know as right.

     - Chris Packham

  14. John Bull at the Badger Cull Protests in Birmingham.

    Why take one picture when you could take three that you can’t decided between?

  15. Last night I met Christophe Dillinger at his talk at 6/8 Cafe in Birmingham.

    An experimental photographer and professional funny French man, Christophe explained his alternative techniques and his analogue philosophy. I really loved his 'swirl series' - here is how he does it…

    "Various implements (pencils, sticks, toothbrushes), ink, and pigments) are used to mark thin paper, which is then inserted on the film in the darkroom. The modified films are then used in camera as a normal film."

    Yes, I don’t fully understand it either.

    Christophe runs Square Magazine which is an amazing (and free) new photography resource. Square is putting on a show for one month from the 16th of April at Birmingham City University Parkside Campus (the one by Millennium Point). It sounds great - get the flyer here.