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    Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Patti Smith have secrets that have never been lost because the inquisitive mind can’t get in. This trinity is decorative art with an incredible understanding of effect. Their contribution to thought marks them out as our very own Goethe, Gide and Gertrude Stein, and it tells us that we all might come to whatever it is we seek - with flickering irony.

    They pawn everything of themselves into the current moment. The daring brilliance of early Lou Reed takes its place with the literary greats partly because he denied all tradition in his writing and physical presentation. With his Velvet Underground, life itself was the movable stage; lowbrow, imaginer, makerself, self-regarding, susceptible to the will to corrupt. It is a proud sign of bad breeding, and of carrying within us everything we seek outside of us. You have their insolence at hand still, and now, but when the morgue yawns for them, their harsh expressionism will clank its way into hagiography as the new saints, and you will understand their meaning to be far greater than whatever seems logical during their lifetime.

    — Morrissey, Autobiography
  4. Remind me to never drink water from my bedside table ever again

  5. Clent Hills

  7. Rach

  8. baby birds

  9. Anglesea, Wales 2013

    Richard PJ Lambert

  10. Roa at South Bank, London

  11. Blackpool, 2013

    Richard PJ Lambert

  12. Cats & Cameras, Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Kate!

  13. Margaret Street, Birmingham

  15. RNLI